Katie (yourhuckleberry) wrote,

The Day With No Sun

I found this in the scrapbook my mom gave me. I wrote it when I was 7. I'm writing everything exactly as it was written then- bad spelling and all. The little booklet is also decorated with hand drawn pictures that I can't show here.

Once there was a day with no sun Far far away there was a long road with one house on it! The kids in that house were very sick because they played outside on a very very cold day. They were 2 and 3 years old so there mom and dad had to watch them outside and they all became very sick because there was not any sun! and it was very! very! very! very! cold

and they could not go any place they had to stay home

if they went outside they would be ice

And ther mom had a baby and it died because she could not go to the hospital

Then there was a day with sun!!!

And the mom had a baby and it lived because there was sun!!
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